URGENT: Shame on the Radisson!


If you have reservations at the Duluth Radisson, we encourage you to find alternative accommodations. The Radisson is using non-union labor to repair and remodel the inside of the hotel. AFSCME supports the Duluth Building Trades, who are bannering outside the hotel. We continue to pressure management to use union labor. 

Here’s a list of all hotels in the Duluth area. It may be difficult to find rooms on Friday night, as tourists  pack Duluth to see Fall leaves. If you get stuck at the Radisson, please tell hotel management that you protest their use of non-union labor. We’ll have postcards at registration demanding that the Radisson resolve the labor dispute. We may also have an action to support the Building Trades during our convention in Duluth. Thanks for your solidarity and patience as we try to resolve the dispute.