Tell HCMC to Respect Ryan

Ryan Harth
Ryan Harth

Ryan Harth is an environmental services worker at HCMC.  The hospital announced 200 layoffs and numerous job reassignments.  AFSCME believes he is being discriminated against due to his activism in Local 977. HCMC took away the work he loved after administrators learned he was a union steward and member at large.

“They have switched my hours and they have taken my job title away. I now work every other weekend and I don’t get to do floor care. Instead, I’m a reliever, so they throw me wherever they feel like throwing me in for the day.

I went from working 7 to 3:30, Monday to Friday. Now I work every other weekend. I work from 8 to 4:30. That’s super difficult because I carpool. I get there early and I have to sit at work for an hour. The person I carpool with has to wait an hour to go back. I’m spending an extra hour at work. I’m there already. Why can’t they just let me work?

None of this happened until they found out I was part of the union, a union officer. When we were doing the rebid (for jobs), the supervisor kicked me out of the room because I’m a union officer. He told me just get out, twice.

They’ve handled the situation terribly. They did this without any knowledge of the work people do.

I felt passionate about my job doing floor care. When you go into a new building, one of the first things you see is the floor. I would strip and wax it. I would scrub it and give it a recoat. You take the dirtiest floor and strip everything off it and put five coats of wax on it, and it looks brand new, like you just bought the floor.

Patients walking past would say, ‘Oh, can you do my floor next? Can you come to my house next?’ You can tell it was making a difference. It was such a sense of accomplishment to me. I did two to four floors a day, just by myself. I’ve flipped whole units of floors by myself.

I worked so hard to get there. I worked overtime, above and beyond every day, everything I could do. I went through special classes and training. My coworker (who did floors) trained me, he passed the job on to me, and I felt super good about that. I’ve got all this knowledge about floor care, and they stripped that title away from me.

I feel super sad. It bums me out every day. Getting up and going to work used to be fun. I still love everybody I work with. But it doesn’t make me feel as good, as happy as I used to be. I feel like I got put back to square one.