Show Your #UNION Pride: A Picture Speaks a Thousand Words

Members of Local 151 show off their #UNION pride!
Members of Local 151 show off their #UNION pride!

AFSCME is participating in a nationwide effort to show the power and importance of strong unions, and we’re counting on you to make it work.

We’re asking Council 5 members, families, and allies to share a picture holding a UNION sign – just like the one Sally Field waved in the film “Norma Rae.”

Photos are already streaming in. You can find them (and share yours) on our Facebook page.

As billionaires and big corporations amp up their efforts to “defund and defang” unions, showing our solidarity – online and in real life – is more important than ever.  I think it would be good to do a quick background paragraph here. The State Policy Network and its allies, including the Freedom Foundation and Mackinac Center for Public Policy, are spending $80 million to bust unions and weaken our ability to fight back against a system that's already rigged in favor of the rich and powerful.

Collective action, even when it’s as simple as changing your profile picture, always sends a strong message:

WE are the UNION, we are strong and united, and we are here to fight for freedom, prosperity, and justice for ALL.

We hope you’ll join us in snapping a #UNION photo and sharing it to show the collective power of workers.

Just make a sign that says UNION, have someone take a photo of you holding it, and share it on Council 5’s Facebook page. While you’re on Facebook, head over to your profile picture and change it do you mean change the frame? to your #UNION photo. On Twitter, make sure to tag us (@AFSCMEmn5) and use #UNION.