Convention Excitement is Rising


About 750 delegates from 125 locals will proudly proclaim “I AM UNION,” showing our solidarity and our conviction that we are more powerful fighting with the combined voice of many than fighting alone.

Together, workers can take on wealthy special interests and corporate CEOS trying to rig the system against us and to steal our right to make a better life for ourselves, our families and our communities. Together, we can take on bad bosses. Together, we can fight for better wages, benefits, pensions and working conditions. Together, we can overcome injustice and inequality, close opportunity and pay gaps, and embrace our differences so that every Minnesotan gets a fair shake.

Our theme this year is modeled after the proud men who marched alongside Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. during the Memphis Sanitation Workers’ Strike for the right to unionize, carrying signs proclaiming, “I AM A MAN.” We are paying honor to them and proclaiming “I AM UNION.”

The Convention is jam-packed with the election of chair officers and Executive Board members; and addresses by AFSCME International president Lee Saunders and AFSCME-endorsed candidate for Governor Tim Walz.

We’ll also gather to watch the movie “Norma Rae,” the source of our #UNION campaign.

Workshops will tackle everything from planning near retirement, MemberLink, recruiting new activists, using the power of membership to pressure the boss, and Get Out The Vote social media training.

For more information, call the Member Action Center at 651-450-4990; 218-722-0577; or toll-free at 1-800-652-9791.