Communications cements relationships


Giving a speech in front of thousands can be a bit intimidating.

Imagine digging deep and finding the courage to share your union values; to speak out against immigration policies that separate families; and to share your experience as a first-generation immigrant at the Families Belong Together march.

That’s what Local 34’s Yunuén Ávila did this year, and that’s why she won the Council 5 Communication Award for projecting a bold, proud image of who we are and what we fight for. 

Fellow union members note her enthusiasm and energy, her excitement in attending her first IU Convention as a delegate and her willingness to participate wherever she’s needed. She’s active in Local 34’s education, engagement and outreach committee.

Ávila took part in the Midwest School for Women Workers this year to learn how to renew our labor movement. She’s willing to stand up and speak for her union.

The fearlessness and fire of young people like Ávila will keep renewing and strengthening our union.