AFSCME Members Seek House Seats


When you head to the ballot box on Tuesday, Nov. 8, you might be surprised to see some familiar names running for state House – those of your fellow AFSCME members:

•  Erin Koegel, District 37A, Local 8

•  Jamie Becker-Finn, District 42B, Local 2938

•  Wesley Volkenant, District 35B, Local 34

•  Paul Gammel, District 32A, Local 1539

Erin Koegel is the volunteer coordinator for Community Action Partnership of Ramsey and Washington Counties.

“I am running for the Minnesota House to help ensure all Minnesotans can have similar opportunities and successes,” Koegel says. She’ll fight for investment in all levels of education from early childhood on; infrastructure including roads, public transit and fiber-optic communications; and diverse employment opportunities.

Jamie Becker-Finn is an Assistant Hennepin County Attorney at the Domestic Abuse Service Center. She lists education, mental health, conservation and domestic violence among her top priorities.

“I believe that regular people can work together to achieve positive changes in our communities,” Becker-Finn says.

Wes Volkenant is a Hennepin County training specialist. He’s served on the Council 5 Executive Board and had numerous roles in AFSCME Local 34 leadership.

“As a Democrat, I look to the government as the ultimate protector of society’s liberties – of justice for the oppressed, of providing truths and wisdom, and of ensuring equality for each and every one of us.”

Paul Gammel is a corrections officer for the Minnesota Correctional Facility in Rush City and served in the U.S. Marines.

“I will focus on the needs of middle class families and fight for good education bills, good public safety bills and innovative ways of growing our workforce statewide,” he says. “Reinvesting in our infrastructure needs to be a priority.”