Crisis Connection - Washington County Petition

Dear Board of Directors,

I am an AFSCME Member working at Washington County, and I’m very familiar with the social services Canvas Health provides to our residents.  My colleagues and I routinely refer children, adults and families to Canvas Health staff, and we appreciate your work.

That is why I was especially disappointed to learn about what is happening in bargaining with my AFSCME sisters and brothers at Crisis Connections.   You are denying them many of the same basic privileges, such as the right to reasonable schedules and seniority based layoffs, which I and my coworkers enjoy as Union members.

And the long delay in reaching agreement appears like an attempt to break the Union, to simply stall and wait for the pro-union workers to go away.

Rest assured that Washington County AFSCME workers will not go away, and that we will remember what happens to our sisters and brothers in their fledgling union at Crisis Connections.  I urge you to respect the rights of union workers at Crisis Connections, and reach agreement quickly in contract negotiations, before the relationship between Canvas Health and Washington County AFSCME staff deteriorates.