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February 20, 2018: Freedom to Join Together in Strong Unions

Minnesota lawmakers head back to the State Capitol today to start the 2018 legislative session. 

One of the first items on their agenda should be approval of all state employee contacts, including those covering AFSCME multi-unit workers, correctional officers (Unit 8) and radio control operators (Unit 25).  Legislators have no business funding their own salaries unless they approve contracts negotiated for all state employees.

The same legislators who say our cost-of-living raises are too high and our benefits are too rich also want to take away our freedom to join together in strong unions. The anti-union Janus case will be heard by the U.S. Supreme Court on Feb. 26. Anti-union forces figure that abolishing fair-share fees will drain unions of the resources workers need to advocate for their interests.  We know that if unions lose resources, workers lose power.   

Together we will continue to fight for real freedom for all workers. That means having a voice on the job, fair pay, affordable health care, time-off to care for those we love, and the promise of retirement security after a lifetime of hard work.       

Text FREEDOM to 237263 to be connected to your state legislators, or call your senator at 1-866-891-0358 and your representative at 1-877-553-0116.


Pass state employee contracts and support the freedom of all workers to join together in strong unions.

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