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AFSCME Keep The Dream Alive Celebration

AFSCME Council 5 is hosting a day of service and celebration to honor Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and renew our union’s commitment to keeping his dream alive. The event will take place Saturday, April 25 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at the Martin Luther King Center, 270 N. Kent St. in St. Paul’s Rondo neighborhood. Reporters and the public are invited.

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Mental-Health Workers Stand Up for Safe Jobs on Workers' Memorial Day

April 28 is Workers’ Memorial Day. It’s a day when the labor movement remembers all workers who have been killed or injured at work. This year, AFSCME is fighting for the living. AFSCME members who work in state-run mental health facilities are taking a beating from violent patients. The workers are fed up with management giving them lip service instead safe jobs.

Mental-health workers will be marching for safe jobs at six sites on Tuesday.

Learn about their injuries on Facebook.

Watch their video testimonials.

Read their stories.

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AFSCME Day on the Hill: Tuesday, March 24

Members of AFSCME Council 5 – one of Minnesota’s largest and most politically active unions – will come to the State Capitol Tuesday to help shape a budget that will secure an even brighter future for hardworking Minnesotans.

Nearly 1,000 union members will rally March 24 at 12 noon in the ballroom at the Crowne Plaza (11 Kellogg Blvd. E., Saint Paul) and meet with their state legislators at the Capitol that afternoon to share their legislative priorities.

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AFSCME Cautions Legislature: Don't Blow the Surplus on Tax Breaks for Billionaires and Big Businesses

AFSCME Council 5 calls on the Legislature to continue investing in economic security for hardworking Minnesota families.

“A strong surplus is good news for working families,” said Eliot Seide, director of AFSCME Council 5, Minnesota’s largest public employee union. “It comes from more Minnesotans working than ever before and from more of them earning higher incomes than ever before. It proves that fair taxes, decent wages, and wise investments in jobs and education have helped Minnesota create the 5th fastest growing economy in the nation.

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AFSCME Praises Gov. Dayton's Plan to Fix Transportation

Today, Gov. Dayton and Lt. Gov. Smith announced their plan to address Minnesota’s critical transportation needs.  AFSCME Council 5 Executive Director Eliot Seide issued the following statement about the transportation proposal.

“AFSCME supports Gov. Dayton’s plan to fix transportation,” said Seide, whose union represents 2,700 workers who plow snow, patch potholes and inspect bridges for the Minnesota Department of Transportation.  “It’s a long-term solution that will help us keep Minnesota moving safely and quickly.”

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AFSCME: Jeff Johnson is Wrong for Minnesota Workers

Jeff Johnson won today’s Republican primary and he will be on the November ballot for governor of Minnesota.  One of the state’s largest and most politically active unions – AFSCME Council 5 – announced plans to defeat him.

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Pro-Union Child Care Providers Win in Court

(St. Paul, MN) – Today, a federal appeals court dissolved an injunction that blocked a union election for in-home child care providers in Minnesota.  The three-judge panel said the case is premature because a union hasn’t been formed and the plaintiffs haven’t been harmed.

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Child Care Providers Vow to Continue Organizing After Supreme Court Ruling on Harris Case

(St. Paul, MN) – AFSCME Council 5 issued the following statement in response to today’s U.S. Supreme Court decision in Harris v. Quinn.  The narrow decision says public sector unions can’t collect fees from certain independent providers who object to being affiliated with a union.

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Best Session in a Generation

“This was the best legislative session in a generation,” said Eliot Seide, director of AFSCME Council 5.  “We showed working people that state government can improve their lives.

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Pro-Union Child Care Providers Ask Court to Let Them Vote

(St. Paul, MN) – Today, a federal appeals court heard oral arguments on Parrish v. Dayton, a lawsuit that blocked a union election for child care providers in Minnesota