JANUARY-FEBRUARY 2013: Minnesota’s Moment: A legislative session to rebuild the middle class


Minnesota is poised to do great things this year. It’s the first time in 22 years that Democrats control the governor’s office and both chambers of the Legislature. This is the moment to finally fix the budget, raise fair revenue, and build an economy that grows good jobs and the middle class.  AFSCME members campaigned hard to win this trifecta. But we can’t bet on getting what workers need unless we make our voices heard.

NOVEMBER-DECEMBER 2012: Solidarity!


Sisters and brothers,

The cat with this column is an historic labor icon as relevant today as ever before.  When a predator backs a cat into a corner, the ferocious feline hisses, arches its spine and ejects its claws, refusing to be a victim.  Like the cat, AFSCME members are never afraid to fight our way out of crisis.  We find our strength in solidarity.  Any bully who injures some of us can expect all of us to fight back.

SEPTEMBER-OCTOBER 2012: Bravo, Brother Buesing!


Mike Buesing, the first president of Council 5, will chair his last convention when he gavels the start of our annual meeting this fall.  He has been president since our founding convention in October 2004.  Mike’s retirement will be an important passage for our union, forever marked by his steady leadership during tempestuous times and the firm foundation he created to help us survive any storm.

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