A Lifeline for Southwest Light Rail

Commentary by Eliot Seide

Our Choice: Loud Bully or Change Maker?

Hillary Clinton is a True Champion of the Middle Class

Public pensions: The sky isn’t falling

Star Tribune Counterpoint –  Published June 17, 2016

By Eliot Seide


It’s worth your time to get involved in politics. 

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia
Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia

Friedrichs Delayed, Not Dead

Labor's crisis continues

Never Quit

People who work in public service never stop.

There’s no quitting on the people who depend on us.

When you’re part of AFSCME, we never quit on each other.

Supreme Court Case Could Harm All Workers

When people work hard and play by the rules, they should be able to get ahead and stay ahead. Success shouldn’t depend on being born into wealth or privilege. That’s the way it’s supposed to work in America and in the Northland. But that’s not the way it works anymore – especially for people who don’t belong to a strong union.

2014 Census Income Data
2014 Census Income Data

Talking Points Memo Partners with AFSCME on Income Inequality Series

Policy needs to raise bargaining power of American workers and lower political clout of the wealthy

Stronger Together

Workers can achieve more when we stand up as a union

Overtime Protection: The Right to Balance Work and Life

Summer is beautiful in Minnesota and everybody’s working for the weekend.                                                                

We’re working overtime so we can afford that family vacation at the lake.  The 40-hour workweek is so ingrained into American culture that we sometimes take it for granted. But remember that generations of workers fought and even died for the right to balance work and life.

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